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About Us

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The Baton Rouge Area Youth Network (BRAYN) is a network of youth service providers and youth supporting organizations that are dedicated to increasing youth engagement by building the youth services field to create more equitable outcomes for youth in the Greater Baton Rouge Area.

We envision a community with resources and the will to provide impactful opportunities for positive development and learning for all children. 

There is a critical need for quality afterschool programs in all communities. Our organization strives to provide East Baton Rouge and surrounding areas with an updated bank of resources to support student learning socially, emotionally, and academically. 

BRAYN works to move the network towards its established goal of increasing the capacity of its partners by gathering and maintaining up-to-date information on partner programs and serves on a real-time platform provided by Harmonize, Inc.
Use our Youth Locator Web Application to search  BRAYN's database for vetted programs and services that best serve your family.
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Let’s Work Together

1415 Main St.

Baton Rouge, LA 

Tel: 225-388-9737

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