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Join the BRAYN Team

BRAYN Director 
Full-Time Salaried Position with Benefits
Reports to: BRAYN Steering Committee

Position Overview

Full-time leadership position reporting to the BRAYN Steering Committee. In pursuit of the BRAYN mission, vision, and core values, the Director provides direction and oversight for the networks’ strategic planning, resource development, programs, partnerships, and operations.

What is the Baton Rouge Area Youth Network?
Baton Rouge Area Youth Network is a dynamic network of over sixty Baton Rouge area youth-serving organizations. Now in our third year, BRAYN brings together members from across Baton Rouge’s youth-serving organizations to coordinate resources and strengthen our community’s youth services.

The mission of the Baton Rouge Area Youth Network (BRAYN) is to strengthen the capacity and efficacy of youth organizations in the Baton Rouge area through shared planning, learning, and resource development.

We envision a world where an abundance of high-quality community support enables young people to thrive.

The core values that shape our network are Community, Collaboration, and Consensus.


Compensation: Annual base salary from $65 -70K

Benefits: Group Medical benefits are available (95% paid by employer); dental and vision are offered via group plan and are very affordable.

Work Location(s): Must be local in Baton Rouge or the surrounding area; position is in-person with some flexibility to work from home.

Schedule: Full-time, 40 hours a week. Work hours are primarily daytime M-F, but sometimes include evenings and weekends.

To Apply: Submit a resumé and cover letter to by April 20, 2024

BRAYN’s Governance, Evaluation of Position, and Fiscal Sponsor Role Steering Committee – BRAYN is overseen by a dedicated Steering Committee comprising representatives from member organizations. The BRAYN Steering Committee employs a consensus-based decision-making approach, which ensures that all members actively participate in discussions and contribute to the decision-making process. This method involves seeking agreement from all committee members, taking into account their input, concerns, and perspectives. By striving for consensus, we aim to foster a collaborative environment where decisions are made collectively, drawing on the diverse expertise and viewpoints of our committee members. This approach helps us achieve thorough and inclusive decision-making that considers the needs and priorities of all stakeholders involved.

Evaluation - Two members of the BRAYN Steering Committee are responsible for the evaluation of the BRAYN Director, which includes input from the steering committee as a whole. An initial evaluation will take place 3 months after the position begins, again at a 6-month mark, and once more at a 12-month mark. At that point, the position will be
evaluated on an annual basis.

Fiscal Sponsor Role - Our network has been nurtured within the Big Buddy Program, our fiscal sponsor, for the past three years. As BRAYN expands and moves forward, it is evaluating its structure and is looking forward to involving the Director’s voice in defining our priorities for the next growth phase, which includes deciding on an organizational structure for the network.

BRAYN Director Responsibilities
Network Leadership and Management

  • Ensure ongoing mission-centric excellence in programs and operations in alignment with the strategic plan

  • Lead stakeholder engagement, strategic planning, and direction. Streamline and clarify decision-making and management in alignment with core values

  • Lead implementation of organizational priorities, and evaluate work against established goals

  • Lead process for budgeting and resource allocation

  • Provide oversight for the maintenance of sound fiscal management systems

  • Provide oversight for the development and implementation of policies, procedures, and practices that drive a legally and ethically sound network

  • Lead process for identifying and meeting HR/staffing needs, including staff development and culture. Provide supervision for a PT Assistant Director (@ 30 hrs/week); and several contractors who provide services including facilitation, training, grant writing, evaluation, web development, and public relations support

  • Collaborate with the Steering Committee to develop, maintain, and support a strong and sustainable operational infrastructure 

Fiscal Planning and Resource Development

  • Develop strategies for managing funds and resources to ensure that the BRAYN’s activities are fiscally solvent in collaboration with the Steering Committee.

  • Participate in grant-funding and fundraising efforts, including identifying grants and other funding opportunities in collaboration with the Grant Writer and Steering Committee. 

  • Provide oversight for the implementation of contracted services 

Strategic Partnerships and Community Engagement

  • Build and maintain strong inter-institutional relationships with key partners

  • Build and maintain strong relationships with key supporters and the community, including oversight and guidance for processes that support community engagement

  • Develop and support the marketing and publicity efforts, including website, social media, print materials, newsletters, advocacy, etc (with contractors)

  • Represent BRAYN among stakeholders to build investment in BRAYN across the community

BRAYN Director Profile
We are looking for a visionary leader who is energized and capable of:
➔ Developing dynamic strategies and processes that move BRAYN’s membership toward its strategic goals and objectives
➔ Serving as BRAYN’s chief spokesperson and relationship-builder capable of engaging stakeholders in our mission, vision, and programs
➔ Providing responsive leadership that aligns with the priorities and needs of BRAYN members as well as the values of the network.

The ideal candidate will have significant organizational leadership experience, as well as an understanding of and commitment to improving youth development opportunities. Other important characteristics we are looking for include but are not limited to many of the following:

  • Demonstrated ability to build and maintain strong inter-institutional relationships

  • Strong interpersonal, problem-solving, written and oral communication skills

  • Demonstrated ability to develop and deliver strategies that produce measurable results toward organizational and programmatic goals

  • Demonstrated success in personnel development, including experience hiring and supervising paid professional staff, contractors, and volunteers

  • Demonstrated ability to raise money; experience with major donors and/or foundations, grants, and experience building new and innovative revenue streams

  • Demonstrated ability to effectively manage a $250k+ budget

  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with stakeholders to set and achieve strategic objectives

  • Demonstrated ability to manage network finances with transparency and accuracy

  • Demonstrated understanding of critical youth development concepts, principles, and practices

  • Unwavering commitment to include and celebrate the dignity and worth of the multiply-diverse youth, organizations, educators, families, and schools that make up the BRAYN network

As an equal-opportunity employer, we value a staff that reflects the diversity of the youth and community that we serve. Supporting individuals from marginalized communities–including but not limited to BIPOC, LGBTQ+ people, and immigrants— is at the core of who we are. As such, people from marginalized racial, ethnic, cultural, and linguistic

backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

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