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The Baton Rouge Area Youth Network (BRAYN) is committed to equipping high-quality youth programs in the East Baton Rouge Parish for young people. To remain effective, efficient, communicable, and team-oriented, the BRAYN Strategic Planning Support, Dr. Anna West, and Network Administrator, Jasmin Johnson, used structures for collaborative teamwork developed by a member organization, Humanities Amped, created the organizational structure for the network.

The mission of Humanities Amped is to model and share transformative educational practices that result in people's power to shape their world. In partnership with Humanities Amped, BRAYN devised an organizational framework utilizing their collaborative leadership and learning techniques and approaches.

 BRAYN Organizational Chart + Roles & Responsibilities Table
BRAYN org chart.jpg

Note: This chart is aligned with the roles and responsibilities distributed in the table below

Designer Comparing Samples
BRAYN Roles & Responsibilities Table 
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