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We are looking to connect with youth organizations, volunteer groups, individuals, and funders interested in helping the youth thrive. Thank you in advance for your commitment!


We envision a world where an abundance of high-quality community support enables young people to thrive.

The mission of the Baton Rouge Area Youth Network (BRAYN) is to strengthen the capacity and efficacy of youth organizations in the Baton Rouge area through shared planning, learning, and resource development.   

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Get ready to dive into the all-around awesomeness in the latest issue of the BRAYN monthly newsletter! This edition announces our next monthly convening's rockstar speaker, event listings, and a summary of our last full-day retreat. If you haven't signed up yet, fill out the form below! 

Why Choose Out-of-School Programming? 

After School Programs serve youth of all ages. These programs are designed to support a variety of focus areas. Participation in effective programs outside of school hours shows positive effects on student achievement in areas of school attendance and increased academic success.  


Search an address to see nearby out-of-school programs and where they are on the city bus route. 

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Academic Enrichment

These programs offer advance teaching of learning concepts taught in school. These programs compliment learning in engaging new ways. 

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The Arts

The arts foster higher levels of thinking that carry over to learning other academic subjects as well as to life outside of school. Former First Lady, Michelle Obama,  spoke about the importance of arts in our country’s schools and how these programs inspire students to dream big.

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College and Career

College and career readiness refers to the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed that will ensure youth are equipped to compete in today's global, knowledge-based economy. College and career readiness programs aim to set students up to be successful in post-secondary education and/or training that lead to gainful employment. 


Sports and Recreation

Research shows that participating in youth sports can lead to immediate and long-term benefits for youth, their families, and communities. Sports participation benefits the physical health of youth, as well as their mental, emotional, and social health. BRAYN aims to connect families to Sports & Recreation programs in their zipcode! 

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Afterschool programs play a major role in providing meaningful science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning experiences to diverse groups of youth. STEM subjects help students succeed in school and prepare them for careers that are driving global economic growth.

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