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The Arts 

The arts foster higher levels of thinking that carry over to learning other academic subjects as well as to life outside of school.  Former First Lady, Michelle Obama,  spoke about the importance of arts in our country’s schools and how these programs inspire students to dream big.

“You light a fire in them,” she said. “You help them grow emotionally and socially.”


- Mrs. Michelle Obama


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Kid's Orchestra

Kids' Orchestra has impacted over 8000 children's lives through the power of music in its first 10 years!

Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge

The Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge visited the TV & Film Production students at the Helix Mentorship STEAM Academy to talk about careers that exist in the video engineering industry. The students also learned how to use the green screen effectively to record interviews. 


December 20-23rd - Artsplosion! Kids Camp- Arts Around the World (K-5th graders) 

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Register here


Lousiana Art & Science Museum 

Our Louisiana

Main Galleries, Floor 1

January 16, 2021 - January 14, 2024

Museums are monuments to wonder, exploration, and discovery. The objects found within their galleries bring to life the stories of the past, today, and those not yet written. These objects may be ancient artifacts, fine oil paintings, stone sculptures, or even items that beg the question, “what is art?” The artists whose work is on view were inspired by the landscape, people, and culture that is uniquely “Our Louisiana.” 

Plan a visit to LASM here. 

Vital Resource Solutions

We hosted our 1st after-school session this fall & it was in-person!! 100% of our kids were able to successfully demonstrate 3 coping skill exercises by the end of the session! Hoping we continue on this path!

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