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BRAYN Membership

BRAYN is dedicated to network building, impact measurement, and resource development in the city of Baton Rouge and asks organizations to take part in our collective approach to building capacity and ensuring that young people thrive.

Explanation of Benefits

Community Building and Socials

Access to local networking and learning events to build relationships and community among local members


Resource Hub

Access to a resource hub to share resources, post relevant news and discussions and connect with groups from other organizations.


Training and Professional Development

Access to professional development and capacity-building training chosen with feedback from members.

Grant and Other Opportunities

Member organizations can gain access to collaborative funding    opportunities through BRAYN.

Optional EBRPSS Certification

Access to the East Baton Rouge School System for implementation of youth programs, professional development, and data-sharing


Optional EBRPSS Pilot Site

Partner with EBRPSS and BRAYN to develop a school-community partnership pilot site.

Whether your beginning a new membership or renewing your current membership, you must start by signing the Memorandum of Understanding

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